Pronunciation of Korean Alphabet

In the last lesson we learnt the Syllable Structure of Korean Language. In other words, we learnt how we can combine individual Korean letters to construct syllable and words. In the same lesson, I told you that the pronunciation of Korean letters changes according to where they appear in the syllable or word. Any Korean letter can have a maximum of 3 possible pronunciations  (with a few exceptions) – 1) When in the beginning of a word, 2) When elsewhere in the word (except patchim), and  3) When as a Patchim (final consonant). The following pronunciation chart will help you learn the correct pronunciation of Korean words. [Read more…]

Syllable Structure of Korean Language

Till now, we have got a basic introduction of Korean language and Korean script Hangeul. We also learnt how to read and write Hangeul characters and some essential Korean phrases that we can use in everyday life. Now let’s see how we can combine individual Korean characters to make syllables and words. [Read more…]

Learn to Write Hangeul (Stroke Order)

In this lesson we are going to learn how to write Korean script Hangul. After you get a hold of the language you can write the way you want but in the beginning it’s is useful to learn the proper stroke order.

CONSONANTS [Read more…]