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  1. 축하해요~~

  2. Arun Kumar says

    Dear Satish Ji,

    Greetings from India!

    I hope that you will recognize me (I know Mr. Naushad Alam and many JNU students and friend with you on FB) , I am Arun & working in a Travel Company since last 8 years, Right now i am handling Korean Tourist market in one of the company in Delhi.

    I started learning Korean in 2009 and did 3 years of part time from DU for 2009-2010-2011. I got good academic marks in 1st and 3rd year (above 65%). However due to my job going hand in hand, i could not study on daily basis and focus on it with intensity, I could not make study continuously possible, As a result my listening and speaking is very poor, i can read fully and write a bit.

    Right now i have once again enrolled to Korean cultural centre for intermediate level. And have completed 10 classes.

    My problem is that, i have been studying Korean language for so long but I can not still converse in Korean except for few basic sentences, It is quite embarrassing for me when other people know that i learnt Korean language but could not speak or understand it properly.

    I do not want to quit language at this stage since it would be a wastage of 4-5 Years, and i want to work with Korean Travel companies.

    Since, you understand the language very well, please suggest me some measures to improve, i have lot of study material, but do not know which to refer…

    Kindly help me, i would like to follow what ever you think right for me (like study time table and study materials etc)

    i am writing to you with high hopes and as a last resort.

    Please suggest me and help me out.

    Thanking You & Regards
    Arun Kumar
    e mail – [email protected]

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