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Hello! Welcome to Korean Language for Indians [KLI] Website. I am Satish, a Korean language graduate from JNU, New Delhi, currently studying Korean Language Education at Seoul National University, South Korea. If you are an Indian learning Korean or working in a field related to Korean language, it’s very likely that you are my junior, senior, one of my classmates or one of my teachers. I just want to say that I am really happy to see you here and hope that you will contribute to this website by your suggestions or comments or information that can be useful for the Korean language community in India.

Like you, I too have great interest in Korean language, literature, culture or everything else that is Korea. And it was this interest that brought me from India to Korea. Presently I am studying ‘How to teach Korean as a Foreign language.’ Sometimes it sounds weird that I am learning how to ‘teach’ Korean while I, myself, am not very good in Korean language yet. It’s getting more and more difficult and overwhelming as I am digging deep into it.

Having Studied Korean language in India for 3 years, I know very well how difficult it can be to acquire even the very basic language skills there. The level of Korean language skills that one can acquire in 6 months studying in Korea may take years to acquire in India. The lack of Korean language study material, dictionaries and more than that the lack of opportunity to practice the language you have learnt really frustrates you at times. There is no one to guide properly and many a times some of the students feel hopeless and finally lose interest in Korean language. These were the points that made me think of creating this website.

Most of the textbooks  used in Korean language departments of Indian universities have been designed keeping the western learners and western languages in mind. Most of the online Korean learning websites are the same. While studying Korean Language Education here I found that this whole approach is wrong and inefficient. Korean language shares a number of linguistic and cultural similarities with Hindi and other Indian languages. In other words, when starting to learn Korean language Indian learners have a head start on their western counterparts. If the existing linguistic and cultural knowledge of the Indian learners is utilized while teaching Korean language to them, the learning can be much more efficient and effective.

I have created this website with the aim of providing Korean language study material customized for Indian learners. I will post not only the lessons exclusively designed for Indian learners but also the cultural nuances of Korean language that are very difficult for you to know sitting in India. I will also try to put articles on Korean society and culture that might be useful to Korean language learners in India.

The updates on Korean language jobs and scholarships will also be posted on the website regularly. So you better subscribe to it so that you can get all the latest information through e-mail in time. I would be grateful if you contribute any content, information or opinion that could help this website and Korean language community in India. Thank you.


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    Thanks buddy , great job

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