2013 VIDEO CONTEST about Korea

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea and Arirang TV are holding a video contest about Korea.

Of the two topics below, please select one to make a 3-minute-long video clip and share your experiences, impressions and anything else you wish to show.

The Grand Prize winner will be awarded a Korean brand car.

2013 Video Contest About Korea

1   Sponsors


ㅇ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea

ㅇ Arirang TV



  Entry Qualification


ㅇ Open to anyone of any age that is not of Korean descent


※ Please note that this contest is intended to increase our understanding        of non-Korean perceptions of Korea, and Korean nationals overseas and       those of Korean descent are not eligible for this contest.





※ Please select only one.


Title Topic
My best Korean friend (neighbor, teacher, colleague or anyone else) is … Please introduce your best Korean friend (neighbor, teacher, colleague and anyone else) and tell us how he/she has made such a good impression. Please share the good influence this person has had on your life


My favorite Korean food is … Please introduce your favorite Korean food and tell us why it is your favorite. In addition, please share any experience you may have with cooking it or if you have your own special recipe.


4   Application Dead line


ㅇ August 9, 2013, 18:00 Korean Local time


 For further information (guidelines, result, awards, legal notices) and application form please download this document.

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  1. Ravi Shankar Choudhary says

    Hello Bhaiya.
    Where should I upload the video and what is the last date for participation?

  2. hey everybody
    anyway guys I already made my video “its my entry to the 2013 video contest . I hope you will watch it and leave some comment! .. please visit my youtube channel:

    here is my youtube channel : zeldieluckz

    just searh my username “zeldieluckz” there you can find my entry . its entitled

    PLEASE PLEASE GUYS SUPPORT ME .. i really want to win this contest . I put my all effort while i made the video .. ….wish me well .. bye!

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